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life, living, relation, relationship, family, work, job, personal, problem, solve, solving, solution, child, children, parent, grandparent, grandchild, help, self-help, improve, improvement
  = A =
Advice, Ch. 4
    Different responses to advice
    Resistance to acceptance

Angel Tree Project, Ch. 35

Anger, Ch. 13
    Apology for anger
    Method of control
    Devastating to relationships
    Type A personality
    Not inherited

Answers, Ch. 21
    Don't be pressured
    Can't be forced
    The future

Arbitration, Ch. 20
    Settling disputes

Attitude, Ch. 18
    Influencing attitudes

Authority, Ch. 25
    Find the authority
    Don't place blame; just ask for help
    Go above the clerk
    Authorities want to know what is wrong

  = B =
Bad News, Communicating, Ch. 17
    Considerate way to communicate

Behavior, Ch. 1
    Knowledge of human behavior

    Source book
    True basis

Blame, Ch. 5
    Don't place blame, seek solutions
    Accusations cause anger
    Determine cause
    Find a solution
    Stick together

Board Service
    Importance in America
    Serving can be rewarding
    Choose carefully
    7 fields of choice
    How to be chosen
    Judging performance by attendance
    Don't overcommit; learn to say "No"

Boards, Improving, Ch. 36
    20 suggestions
    Larger meetings

Boswell, James
    Biographer of Samuel Johnson

  = C =
    Listening, Ch. 3
    Value of listening
    Importance of praise

Christ, Jesus , Ch. 41

    True basis

    Education for boards and committees

Compliments, Ch. 7
    Accept as verbal gift

Conflict, Ch. 19
    Futility of conflict
    Necessary battles

    Basis of this book

  = D =
Drucker, Peter
    Authority on Volunteers

  = E =
Employees, Ch. 33, Ch. 34
    Methods of seeking employees
    Don't settle for less than the best
    Advertising Procedures
    Hiring the disadvantaged
    Evaluating applicants
    Don't trust letters of recommendation
    Methods of checking applicants
    Investigating substance abuse
    Keep applications

Entrepreneur, Ch. 30
    Becoming an Entrepreneur
    Who should be an entrepreneur?
    Who should not be an entrepreneur?
    How do you find those deals?
    Don't fall in love with your deal
    Do your research
    Write a business plan
    Financing your Deal
    Let's make it work
    Tips, cautions, and information

  = F =
Five Happiness Restaurant, Ch. 8

Forgiveness, Ch. 10
    Different levels
    Methods of asking
    Relationship more important than issues
    Who have you offended?
    What it does for you

  = G =
Goals, Ch. 9
    Ask family members about goals and hurts
    How can I help you?

Gratitude, Ch. 16
    Value to recipient
    Satisfaction to you
    Recall those to thank

  = H =
    Deriving pleasure from volunteer activities
    Five Happiness Restaurant
    Making others happy
    Serving on a board or committee

  = I =
Important, Ch. 6
    Do the important, not just the urgent
    Missed opportunities

    Need of

Inheritance, Ch. 12
    Tragedy of fighting over an estate
    Possible negative role of lawyers
    Methods of handling
    Making an idol of a physical asset or business
    People are more important than things
    Phased inheritance
    Danger of too much money at once

Institute in Basic Life Principles
    Source of valuable ideas and inspiration

Interviewing for Job, Ch. 32
    Mistakes made
    11 helpful rules

  = J =
Jesus Christ, Ch. 41

Job, Interviewing for, Ch. 32
    Mistakes made
    11 helpful rules

Jobseeking, Ch. 31
    Need one soon
    15 suggestions
    Helpful book

Johnson, Samuel
    Spent time with son

  = K =
Kung's Dynasty Restaurant, Ch. 8

  = L =
Law and Lawyers
    Possible negative effect in inheritance
    Avoiding lawyers in negotiation
    As vocational choice
    Turning down Harvard Law School

    Valuable lessons summarized


Listening, Ch. 2, Ch. 3
    Unfortunate results of failure to listen
    Barriers to listening
    As help to another, often called cathartic
    When emotion is directed at you
    Ordinary conversation
    Value with children and young people

Love, Ch. 11
    Misuse of word
    Problems of conditional love
    Harmful effect of withholding

  = M =
Manipulation, Ch. 39

Meetings Ch. 37
    20 suggestions for improving boards and meetings
    Larger meetings

Mediation Ch. 20
    Means of solving disputes
    Increasingly used
    Past is past; look to the future
    Conflict resolution

Motivation, Ch. 26
    Motivation for writing this book
    13 suggestions

My Motivation, Ch. 41

  = N =
Negotiation Ch. 22
    Wrong approach
    Find out needs of others
    Different motivations

  = O =
Occasion, Ch. 8
    Planning and executing a special one

  = P =
    Another name for conflict resolution

Planning a Special Occasion, Ch. 8

    Deriving pleasure from volunteer activities

Policy, Ch. 25
    Overcoming objection, "It's against our policy."
    Seek higher authority
    Change helpful to you might also benefit policy maker

Praise, Ch. 15
    Lost opportunities
    Special value with children
    Can become a habit

    Setting priorities

Prison Fellowship, Ch. 35

  = Q =

  = R =
    Soldiers' dependence
    Our relationships with each other
    How we fail
    More important than winning

    Find business which interests you
    May steer you away
    Research a company before job interview

  = S =
    Deriving satisfaction from volunteer activities

Search, Ch. 38
    Executive director important to an organization
    Avoid too rigid job description
    Advertise widely
    Try telephone interview, then personal
    Consider interim
    Consider consultant for non-profit
    Executive search company for business

Solving the Problem, Ch. 23
    Difficult in public
    Meet with person, one-on-one

Success, Ch. 39
    Problem with "winners and losers"
    Intimidation unwise and unnecessary
    You get what you invite
    If you alter your actions and responses, others have to alter theirs
    Share your success and bring others along
    You can have successful allies or defeated enemies

Summarizing, Ch. 24
    People hear different things at meetings
    Sally Hayes
    Summarize at end of meeting
    Write understanding even with friends

Sun Tzu
    "The Art of War"

  = T =
Type A
    Floating hostility
    Harmful to relationships and health

Temperament, Ch. 29
    Most important in vocational choice
    Myers Briggs indicator
    Different temperaments

  = U =
Uptown Chinese Kitchen, Ch. 8

  = V =
Vocation, Ch 28
    Often chosen by chance
    3 common mistakes
    5 important factors

Volunteer, Ch. 35
    American phenomenon
    Source of enjoyment and satisfaction
    Pass it on

  = W =
Work, Ch. 18
    Parents as models
    Making work enjoyable

  = X =

  = Y =

  = Z =
Principles in family, workplace, and other areas of life for your benefit and the benefit of others Listening, Hearing, Understanding, Communicate, Communicating, Communication, Laziness, Messages, Hearing, Speakers, Emotions, Understands, Understanding, Learns, Learning, Talking, Talks, Agreeing, Agreements, Agrees, Disagreeing, Disagreements, Disagree Choosing volunteer activities, improving board meetings
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relationships, concern, benefit, life, living, Lifemanship, Experiences, Determination,  mutual dependence

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